PA Nepal believes in protecting and supporting the family as a unit, and thus every effort is made to keep the bond between the prisoners/parents and their children strong and supportive.

During the parents’ time in prison, PA Nepal offers life training skills and counseling with the aim of increasing their confidence, independence, and belief that they will be able to live a successful family orientated life. Children are given frequent opportunities to visit their incarcerated family members and are placed in one of PA Nepal’s children’s homes based on its proximity to their parents.

Many prisoners do not have accommodation or support upon their release, so PA Nepal offers these services in an effort to find individuals permanent housing along with employment. The organization acts as an advocate for the released prisoners and their families when dealing with officials from the prisons. Once a released parent is settled in a new residence with a stable home environment, PA Nepal reunites them with their children and supports them in finding a new school and becoming a part of the community.

In 2016, PA Nepal helped 15 children return to their respective homes and families.