Who we are

PA Nepal is an organization that aims to provide care and support to Nepalese prisoners and their dependent children as per the requirement. It was founded in the year 2000 by Indira Ranamagar, who first began working with prisoners in 1990 along with human rights activist “Parijat”. After ten long years of endeavor, Indira felt the need of an organization that would be able to extend its reach up to the most neediest ones and went on to establish PA Nepal.

PA Nepal functions within a holistic framework, endeavoring consistently to work with prisoners and their children at every stage of their journey to reintegration. We provide care and services to those in prison and, wherever possible.

We remove children from the prison environment and place them in an environment where they can receive proper care. Moreover, the organization also advocates for prevention of crimes and works toward creating a society that is crime free . PA Nepal aims to do so by promoting employment, quality education, structural change to the justice system and an understanding of criminal activity and its causes within Nepal.

During the long tenure of 17 years, the organization has managed to create a significant impact to the society. The organization has managed to extend its reach to most parts of Nepal. PA Nepal has more than ten children homes in Jhapa, Palpa, Bhaktapur, Sankhu, Naya Bazaar, and various other parts of Nepal. The organization has become able to provide its care to almost 500 children among which 45% of the children live with their respective families.

Our Objectives

PA Nepal’s ethos focuses on keeping families in contact while ensuring that innocent children are not forced to endure the traumas of prison. To this effect, our objectives are:

  1. To provide a safe, secure and positive environment prisoners’ children.
  2. To ensure the reintegration of children into their families and local regions when felt necessary.
  3. To promote and support income generation for vulnerable individuals affected by imprisonment.
  4. To advocate for the basic as well as human rights of the prisoners and to ensure their welfare.
  5. To improve the life skills and opportunities of the most vulnerable ex-prisoners and their dependents.
  6. To reduce crime by engaging individuals in meaningful activities.


P.O. Box: 8974 PCN 363, Kathmandu, Nepal