NayaBazar Home

While one of PA Nepal’s most important values is keeping families together, the dangers of leaving a young child in prison often means it is in their best interest to be removed from that environment. Subsequently, PA Nepal cares for over 100 children across its four Children’s Homes in Nepal. However, despite our best efforts it is estimated that over 50 children are still living in prison with their parents. Many of these children, even those who have been rescued, have suffered histories of abuse and neglect. To assist these children, PA Nepal set up the Junkiri Learning Program across Nepal.

PA Nepal has four homes across Nepal. These are located in Kathmandu, Sankhu, Palpa and Jhapa. Each home aims to both support the child’s basic needs (food, water, education and medicine) and to provide a positive living environment that gives the children an opportunity to develop self-confidence. Our children are sent to local Nepali schools to ensure that they have the best chance at succeeding in life. However, work at the homes also focuses on teaching the children life skills and farming so that they can reintegrate with their villages of origin wherever possible. Maintaining the children’s traditional Nepalese culture and family ties is of the utmost importance. As such, children who live at the homes are encouraged to regularly visit their parents in prison where appropriate.

P.O. Box: 8974 PCN 363, Kathmandu, Nepal