Frequently Asked Question

PA Nepal does not receive government funding and relies on grants and donations. While we aim to be self-sufficient in the future, this goal is still a long way off and in the meantime donations such as yours allow us to continue our vital work. PA Nepal works with prisoners and their children, both in prison and within the community. Our aim is to reduce the numbers of children in prison and through providing education and employment programs to men and women in prison, support prisoners on their release break the cycle of crime and live productive lives with their families and within the community. To see exactly how PA Nepal’s programs help prisoners and their families, check out our Programs page.

While some of the children under PA Nepal’s care have lost their parents, we are not an orphanage. The vast majority of our children have one or more parent in prison and have extended families and communities that they belong to. PA Nepal’s role is to provide complete care for these children while their families are unable to do so due to incarceration or poverty, and to ultimately reintegrate them with their families in their home communities wherever possible. Each child is encouraged to maintain a relationship with their relatives and PA Nepal makes every effort to keep lines of communication open and supports frequent visits to family members. Regardless of a child’s family situation, PA Nepal does not facilitate adoption for any of the children in its care.

Yes, PA Nepal is licensed by the Government of Nepal’s Social Welfare Council as a not-for-profit organization, specifically as a children’s home. This means that PA Nepal does not receive any direct funding from the Nepali government and that any money received or earned by PA Nepal is deployed in programs for its beneficiaries and is not distributed as dividends to its stakeholders.

Due to restrictions from the Nepal Rastra Bank, non-profit organizations in Nepal are unable to set up online money transfer accounts with popular providers like PayPal. To facilitate easier online donations, PA Nepal works with Kaliu Nepal to connect with our supporters around the world. Kaliu Nepal is a Spanish non-profit organization that works exclusively to support PA Nepal’s work and to raise awareness for prisoners rights across Europe. Donations made via our website are processed through Kaliu’s PayPal account. All donations are then transferred directly to PA Nepal’s bank account, from where they are distributed to the programs specified at the time of the donation.

In Nepal the state has no responsibility regarding the welfare of a prisoner’s dependents, including children. Many families cannot cope financially when one or more caregivers are imprisoned, and as a result inmates are often forced to bring their young children into prison with them rather than seeing them live on the streets.

Being imprisoned denies children proper medical care, nutritious food, education and most crucially strips them of their childhood. PA Nepal has a strong focus on children’s rights and ensuring that children of parents imprisoned receive education and care that prepares them for adult life. This is not possible from within prison with their parent/s, where they experience social exclusion and trauma, consequently placing them at a higher risk of offending themselves in the future.

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