Indira Rana Magar


As the founder & chairperson of PA Nepal, I express my deep gratitude all the people who have been supporting PA Nepal, both locally and internationally, making the work we do here possible. Through PA Nepal, we have been able  to transform the lives of the individuals we work with and the societies we work within. We envision a world where all people, including women and children, can live in safety and where crime does not have a platform.

This is a time of growth for our organization as we expand to meet the needs of the vulnerable prisoners and children we work with. I am grateful for the ongoing support of donors that allows us to have long term, well established programs and at the same time to be able to pursue new ventures with the aim of providing holistic, person-centered care.

It is my privilege to continue working with and for such strong, resilient individuals and families who have so much to offer our communities if given the opportunity.

Many thanks and warm regards,

Indira Ranamagar

P.O. Box: 8974 PCN 363, Kathmandu, Nepal