Visit to Eastern Nepal
Visit to Eastern Nepal

The team of Prisoners Assistance Nepal along with some European volunteers headed to eastern Nepal on 10th of January. The team was led by Indira Rana Magar, founder and chairperson of PA Nepal.

The team first reached Saptari to rescue the local descendants from bone chilling cold. Local residents from the Musahar community were provided with blankets, caps, and biscuits. After helping the miserable Musahars, the team went on to participate in a community program in Saniarjun, Jhapa.

Indira Rana proudly announced to donate NRS. 5 lacs to the school being constructed through fundraising. She verbally committed to establish a world class library in the school that contains books from all over the world.

The visit also focused on visiting the prisoners in Jhapa and Illam. Another amazing work done during the trip was the distribution of sanitation pads to the female prisoners and policewomen of Illam jail and Jhapa jail. The condition of prisoners was assessed in order to ensure their well being.

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