Children’s Homes

PA Nepal is an organization that seeks to provide basic needs and human rights to prisoners and their children; one of the most vulnerable groups in Nepal.

Although PA Nepal believes in keeping families together wherever possible, the organization also recognizes how harmful it is for a child to be forced to live within the prison system. When these children do not remain in prison with their parents, they are extremely vulnerable to exploitation, trafficking, and abuse as they are often forced to live on the streets. To provide a constructive alternative, PA Nepal works with parents in the prison system to have their children released into our care where they can thrive in a nurturing environment until they can be reintegrated into their community with their families.

PA Nepal Children’s Homes take on the responsibility of meeting the emotional, mental, and physical needs of prisoner’s children. At present, PA Nepal has the sole responsibility for the care of 150 children within 6 children’s homes, as well as partnering with other local NGOs to open 2 children’s homes within the PA Nepal network.

PA Nepal’s children’s homes include:

• Firefly Children’s Home, Nayabazar, Kathmandu (17 children)
• Sankhu Children’s Home, Sankhu, Kathmandu valley (103 children)
• Aama Paradise Home, Palpa (9 children)
• Jhapa Children’s Home, Jhapa (9 children)
• Mother Earth Home, Ilam (5 children)
• Manmaya Home, Jhapa (7 children)

PA Nepal’s partner children’s homes include:
• Mala Home (10 children)
• Kumari Home (12 children)

PA Nepal strives to maintain the best working practices and ethics despite a limited budget. Every home maintains a positive family environment that allows children to live without the stigma often attached to their imprisoned parents’ circumstances. The philosophy that PA Nepal operates at all children’s homes revolves around experiential learning, family values,and respect. At PA Nepal’s homes outside of the Kathmandu valley, all children are educated in the organization’s Junkiri system, which emphasizes art, music, and personal exploration to specifically address the needs of children who have survived traumatic experiences.

P.O. Box: 8974 PCN 363, Kathmandu, Nepal