Youth Sustainability Programs

To ensure the longevity of all of PA Nepal’s programs, emphasis has been placed on environmentally and financially sustainable development. This goes hand-in-hand with the organization’s philosophy of independence and empowerment for prisoners and reduces reliance on foreign donations.

In Jhapa, PA Nepal’s sustainability programs focus on growing rice and wheat for consumption at the children’s home and for sale. Any income that is generated by these initiatives goes back into support the children and the work of PA Nepal. Organic farming has become a sustainable method of survival for the children and their parents. The older children residing at the home as well as female prisoners in the district are taught organic farming techniques to help them support themselves upon reintegration and break stereotypes about ex-prisoner.

At the youth training center in Palpa, organic farming and cattle raising programs have been extremely successful. There are now several cows and their calves that produce milk for the children and manure for the natural gas fired stove and a wealth of organic vegetables are being produced on the land.

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