Every child has own light like a firefly in the darkness, no matter where the child comes from – prison, red light, slum area or streets. Every child should have right to live with dignity! That is why we are creating enabling environments for those kids to explore their uniqueness through education.

– Indira Ranamagar, Founder of PA Nepal

Junkiri Public School (Firefly Public School) has proven to be the most effective strategy to reintegrate parental incarcerated children into their own community. This strategy allowed us to reintegrate children into their local community even before their parent’s release from prison. Children already established relations with family relatives at the local level, so it is easy to maintain communications with them, and it is less difficult to obtain legal documents and secure their parental property. The most important aspect of this strategy is the community gradually taking ownership and accepting these children. PA Nepal has three sustainable homes at Palpa, Buttabari-Jhapa, and Khudunabari, Jhapa where 33 children are living.

Firefly School in Sankhu

Firefly School in Jhapa